The Indie Travel Manifesto was created in early 2012 as a joint project between BootsnAll Travel Network and esteemed travel writer and vagabonding expert Rolf Potts. The Manifesto is a community-curated statement that defines a particular type of travel – one that emphasizes making meaningful connections, seeing the world as a complex and nuanced place, and learning to slow down, listen, and create your own meaning for life based on your first-hand experience of the world around you.

The goal isn’t to create another “tourist vs. traveler” debate or argue about what style of travel is best, but rather to give a name to this type of travel and create an open community for the people and companies that support and relate to it.

Are you an indie traveler?

Join the movement – sign the Manifesto, display the badge, and share your opinions on indie travel by voting statements up or down, or adding your own ideas to the community voice. Represent a company that supports indie travel? Let us know!

Narrated by: Rolf Potts
Music by: Mokhov – Halcyon Days
Photos by: Evan Cohan, Olivia Raymer, Adam Seper, and Jessica Spiegel.